Victorian era quilt returns to Melrose

In December 2018 at the Beebe Estate in Melrose, MA.

Yarnstorm to highlight Melrose history

Melrose streets will be adorned to raise awareness of Victorian landmarks.

Linking historic Melrose to present and future

A contemporary fiber art and interpretive historic exhibit will accompany the quilt.

In December 2018, join us for the celebratory homecoming of a Victorian era quilt inscribed with names of people who lived in Melrose, Massachusetts during the late 1890’s. One hundred and twenty years later, the quilt will be on display at the Beebe Estate in Melrose along with contemporary art quilts and historic information. You can also visit the Melrose Public Library to see more quilts.

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What’s in the plans…


In late November, crafters will festoon the streets of Melrose with yarn creations to raise awareness of the quilt and Victorian Melrose. Join the knitters and crocheters to make their colorful marks on the city and mailing list.

The Quilt

Thanks to research and conservation by Ann Wasserman, we know that this red and white “Snowflake” quilt was made in 1898. Of the 64 families listed on the quilt, 58 lived in Melrose at the time. Click to learn more about this antique quilt.

Interpretive Exhibit

When the “Melrose History Quilt” returns to the Beebe Estate in December 2018, it will join the “Stitched Connections” contemporary fiber art exhibit. The Beebe will also be the starting point for a self-guided tour.

Which names are on the quilt?

Download the list of names on the Melrose History Quilt. Thanks to Ann Wasserman for taking the time to research all of these names.